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… many creative people, parents, nurses, doctors, supermarket cashiers spit in the hands and keep the shop running, we should remember = even if this reminds us of a great upheaval similar to that of a world war and a possible redistribution like 1945 in the world economy, it is not war.

This has nothing to do with World War II – it’s a flu-like virus and we don’t have an antidote yet, so we keep our distance until it is possible to approach again. And we’re trying to find a way to deal with it. That’s all.

Maybe we should finally start to find a measure of inner well-being and sustainability, as well as happiness, another number that includes the happiness of people, men, women, children, animals and plants and our earth.

A figure that does not measure the collapse of profits, but takes seriously our intelligent change as a community and as a global player, which creates the shift to a true digital global community.

An economy in which one half of the globe is not the losers and the other half is the winners. And above all, one mother is not the loser: our Mother Earth.

Explain that to an alien.


A friend from Hamburg is currently stuck in New York, the photographer Thomas Kummerow. His series of pictures “Corona diary” is evidence of the motto of the hour: “Wait and see and drink tea”. “Share” is the motto of the hour, sharing and not domination, but rather new thinking. Not thinking around the corner, but thinking around the bend. So join us for a cup of tea or listen to the new podcast on the blog for another planet, or learn more about the divas http://digital-diva-deluxe.de/the-network/ and read our blogfor possible aliens, divas and those of you, who like to be one some day, everything will be alright.

It’s gonna be okay.

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