Karolina Decker

Season 2 | EPISODE 3

She is a mother and founder herself and gave us an “insight” into a new world:
Women face the challenge of not always understanding the decisions that affect their personal wealth and financial independence. There is a gender-specific wealth gap.

FINMARIE offers solutions that help women: Investment advice, financial education and more confidence in their own abilities are possible through the online community My.FinMarie, through coaching and 1to1 consultations. Workshops complement the program. Karolina Decker has many years of experience in banking and the financial services industry, she is president and founder of “Mind the Gap e.V.”, helps hands on with financial products, online financial tools, takes into account risk analysis, the individual situation and your desires/options and finds products that fit the needs of the individual woman.

Azra Husejnovic supports her in the community and marketing area. Discover My.FinMarie and

Next year we will have a workshop together with findQ and FINMARIE to give you more insight about real estate investment from small to large scale.