Daniela Lörch

Season 2 | EPISODE 6

Daniela Lörch was our guest: management consultant and coach. This is what others say about her:

“Daniela Lörch can quickly find an approach to all seminar participants with her empathetic, sympathetic manner and respond to the different expectations and needs. I still benefit from this today. Thank you very much!”

Enormous dynamics in the application process where individuality has its firm place and is not a phrase.”

“Daniela Lörch, with her refreshing nature and professional strategies, quickly operated the set screws in me that were necessary for me to pursue and achieve my career goal with optimism in a focused manner.”

This is what Daniela writes about herself:
I specialize in personal career counseling, having successfully worked in all facets of human resource development for decades.
My clients include German and foreign private individuals as well as internationally operating companies and research institutions.
I see my life’s work in accompanying people in their development towards their chosen goal.

I experience her as a self-confident lady, who has shared her views on modern professional life, the year 2020 and socially relevant topics with us. Enjoy our Christmas podcast!