Seasonl 2 | EPISODE 2

Moderator – Business Consultant – Coach

Dr. Julia Kropf
Julia is universal, multi-faceted and incredibly lively – and she has already presented at heavyweight conferences, e.g. on the topics of digital transformation, working world 4.0, mobility, safety at work, but also diversity and equal pay. Her clients are some of the major players in our society, including federal ministries, associations, unions and foundations, but also companies.
In her moderations, she relies on the power of good conversation and the interplay of interest, listening and resonance. Her advice follows the motto “Opening up common thinking spaces”. Her coaching …. is all about analysis and a valuable bird’s eye view.

What moves her? Getting people talking. With professionalism, humor and passion.
I took the bird’s eye view with Dr. Julia Kropf on a Thursday in November 2020,
despite the pandemic and chaotic American elections.
Julia has a doctorate in sociology, worked in communications and political consulting at ifok until 2015, and has been self-employed as a moderator and business coach ever since. Her success proves her right.
Julia has now developed her own podcast format with the “Küchengespräche” and “Nachfragen” and is used to moderating herself. In my case she was in the unusual role of being interviewed herself once and that worked fantastically.
But listen for yourself.