a lot of water has gone down the rivers Spree, Isar, Elbe and Thames, the view from an outsider is still doing us good sometimes and hits us at the moment more than ever: NOW in Corona times.

In the meantime I have seen many business concepts: In the making and in the passing, I myself have realized and completed several projects and, inspired by the fresh view “Kopf schlägt Kapital” and our founder Digital Diva Deluxe founder Diva Fanny Zschau and through many learning curves and teachers I have gathered a different view on starting a business and especially: starting a business as a woman.

A view that I am happy to share with you in this blog, and it will soon be available regularly in a podcasts as well.

Lately we had to listen to a lot of Corona porn, a lot of sensible measurements were undertaken, but also a lot of nonsense and hot air was produced.

One of the many new convoluted conspiracy theories that are currently flourishing is that Earth is a testing ground of another galaxy and that people here on earth are to be observed by these aliens. 

One British soldier even said, he would know the location of the approach ramp in Iraq and met some aliens there. But there are also good old German business people, esotericists and those who want to become one, aging singers, British DJs and new German intellectuals, who privately cultivate their conspiracy theories like a hairy carnivorous plant in the secret spiritual garden of their garden colony and let them thrive.

What the hell …?

If that were the case, and I’m certainly not a fan of conspiracy theories, i.e. when the “aliens” watch us in the hamster wheel, let’s play with this thought a bit for once:

So what would we have to disclose?

Now, that the hamster wheel is standing still, and are they watching our “home office gym-zoom-hang-out activities”?

Astronaut Cosmonaut von Ash © Carl Raabe