PODCAST 14 - Aleksandra Ufnal

Season 2 | EPISODE 4

Aleksandra Ufnal, Polish-born interpreter and translator, freelance for courts, notaries, at cultural events and at international business meetings and other cultural Institutes.

Since 2017, also a specialist examiner in the State Examination Office for Translators in the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family in Berlin and a consultant for political education. Since 2009 she works in the fields of political education at the Visitors Service of the German Bundestag = German parlament.

Her passion for language and history was the subject of our podcast and much more…

This week we remember Willy Brandt and his historic genuflection: it happened in the former Warsaw Ghetto on December 7, 1970. Now Poland is part of the EU and Aleksandra Ufnal is a self-confident EU citizen who shares with us the daily life in the international ambience of the Tuesday Coworking Space, but listen for yourself….this Sunday at “blogforanotherplanet”!

Photo: Fabio Dondero