Tu-Nhu Roho

Season 2 | EPISODE 5

Our special guest this time: Tu-Nhu Roho from MAMA WONG.

Tu-Nhu has turned her passion into her profession and has mustered up the courage to enter the “lion’s den” with a lot of guts. And the success proves her right:

Ralf Dümmel wrote: He is looking forward to working with Tu-Nhu:
“I love Asian food and with MAMA WONG the dishes taste as authentic as I know them from Asia. I am looking forward to working with Tu-Nhu to bring her dressings and marinades to every household where Asian cooking is enjoyed. Her story and passion just impressed me with Tu-Nhu.”

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Tu-Nhu. A foodie with heart and soul, cilantro addict and the founder of MAMA WONG. Born in Vietnam with Chinese roots, raised in Germany and now married to a Korean – ASIA MIX at it’s best!
Out of love for good, authentic food, the idea for MAMA WONG was born overnight: to share a genuine Asian cuisine with the world – for home – in a jar! With high-quality marinades, dressings and sauces according to family recipes – all without flavor-enhancing additives, without preservatives, without flavorings.
Everyone wants good food at every moment in life with a little more “BÄM”.
In her INSTAGRAM appearance she also dances from time to time. Check it out 🙂
And our conversation is not only about food and gives some interesting insights about  MAMA WONG founder Tu-Nhu! Promise!

Photo credit: Marina Jerkovic