I met Val Racheeva here in our TUESDAY Coworking space and she is a source of unbelievable inspiration and encouragement for women entrepreneurs. Founder of

She founded her own social business a little more than six years ago as she started organizing regular community events and workshops for female entrepreneurs. Among her network were Ida Tin (Clue) and Sophie Quidenus (SearchInk) as well as Lisa Lang, female entrepreneurs, and speakers.

Val is a change maker, entrepreneur, and international keynote speaker.

She is a founder & CEO of Female Founder Space, which is a global supportive online academy & community for women who dare to trust their potential & start their own business. She believes with more powerful & prosperous women our world can become a better place. She holds degrees in Political Science and Global Economy.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she gained broad experience in international higher education projects, as well as start-ups and international business consulting Most important: She gives courage, practical knowledge, and an insight into how to live and breathe your own entrepreneurship as a woman. Her work is a continuous influence on small and bigger start-ups created by women, to embrace failure, stand on your own feet, take things with a grain of salt, and find your own happiness.

Photo: Val Racheeva
Photo: Val Racheeva