Seasonl 2 | EPISODE 2

Moderator – Business Consultant – Coach

Dr. Julia Kropf
Julia is universal, multi-faceted and incredibly lively – and she has already presented at heavyweight conferences, e.g. on the topics of digital transformation, working world 4.0, mobility, safety at work, but also diversity and equal pay. Her clients are some of the major players in our society, including federal ministries, associations, unions and foundations, but also companies.
In her moderations, she relies on the power of good conversation and the interplay of interest, listening and resonance. Her advice follows the motto “Opening up common thinking spaces”. Her coaching …. is all about analysis and a valuable bird’s eye view.

What moves her? Getting people talking. With professionalism, humor and passion.
I took the bird’s eye view with Dr. Julia Kropf on a Thursday in November 2020,
despite the pandemic and chaotic American elections.
Julia has a doctorate in sociology, worked in communications and political consulting at ifok until 2015, and has been self-employed as a moderator and business coach ever since. Her success proves her right.
Julia has now developed her own podcast format with the “Küchengespräche” and “Nachfragen” and is used to moderating herself. In my case she was in the unusual role of being interviewed herself once and that worked fantastically.
But listen for yourself.

PODCAST 13 - Karolina Decker


Karolina Decker

Season 2 | EPISODE 3

She is a mother and founder herself and gave us an “insight” into a new world:
Women face the challenge of not always understanding the decisions that affect their personal wealth and financial independence. There is a gender-specific wealth gap.

FINMARIE offers solutions that help women: Investment advice, financial education and more confidence in their own abilities are possible through the online community My.FinMarie, through coaching and 1to1 consultations. Workshops complement the program. Karolina Decker has many years of experience in banking and the financial services industry, she is president and founder of “Mind the Gap e.V.”, helps hands on with financial products, online financial tools, takes into account risk analysis, the individual situation and your desires/options and finds products that fit the needs of the individual woman.

Azra Husejnovic supports her in the community and marketing area. Discover My.FinMarie and www.finmarie.com.

Next year we will have a workshop together with findQ and FINMARIE to give you more insight about real estate investment from small to large scale.

PODCAST 14 - Aleksandra Ufnal


PODCAST 14 - Aleksandra Ufnal

Season 2 | EPISODE 4

Aleksandra Ufnal, Polish-born interpreter and translator, freelance for courts, notaries, at cultural events and at international business meetings and other cultural Institutes.

Since 2017, also a specialist examiner in the State Examination Office for Translators in the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family in Berlin and a consultant for political education. Since 2009 she works in the fields of political education at the Visitors Service of the German Bundestag = German parlament.

Her passion for language and history was the subject of our podcast and much more…

This week we remember Willy Brandt and his historic genuflection: it happened in the former Warsaw Ghetto on December 7, 1970. Now Poland is part of the EU and Aleksandra Ufnal is a self-confident EU citizen who shares with us the daily life in the international ambience of the Tuesday Coworking Space, but listen for yourself….this Sunday at “blogforanotherplanet”!

Photo: Fabio Dondero

PODCAST 15 - Tu-Nhu Roho


Tu-Nhu Roho

Season 2 | EPISODE 5

Our special guest this time: Tu-Nhu Roho from MAMA WONG.

Tu-Nhu has turned her passion into her profession and has mustered up the courage to enter the “lion’s den” with a lot of guts. And the success proves her right:

Ralf Dümmel wrote: He is looking forward to working with Tu-Nhu:
“I love Asian food and with MAMA WONG the dishes taste as authentic as I know them from Asia. I am looking forward to working with Tu-Nhu to bring her dressings and marinades to every household where Asian cooking is enjoyed. Her story and passion just impressed me with Tu-Nhu.”

check out MAMAWONG.de
Tu-Nhu. A foodie with heart and soul, cilantro addict and the founder of MAMA WONG. Born in Vietnam with Chinese roots, raised in Germany and now married to a Korean – ASIA MIX at it’s best!
Out of love for good, authentic food, the idea for MAMA WONG was born overnight: to share a genuine Asian cuisine with the world – for home – in a jar! With high-quality marinades, dressings and sauces according to family recipes – all without flavor-enhancing additives, without preservatives, without flavorings.
Everyone wants good food at every moment in life with a little more “BÄM”.
In her INSTAGRAM appearance she also dances from time to time. Check it out 🙂
And our conversation is not only about food and gives some interesting insights about  MAMA WONG founder Tu-Nhu! Promise!

Photo credit: Marina Jerkovic

PODCAST 16 – Daniela Lörch


Daniela Lörch

Season 2 | EPISODE 6

Daniela Lörch was our guest: management consultant and coach. This is what others say about her:

“Daniela Lörch can quickly find an approach to all seminar participants with her empathetic, sympathetic manner and respond to the different expectations and needs. I still benefit from this today. Thank you very much!”

Enormous dynamics in the application process where individuality has its firm place and is not a phrase.”

“Daniela Lörch, with her refreshing nature and professional strategies, quickly operated the set screws in me that were necessary for me to pursue and achieve my career goal with optimism in a focused manner.”

This is what Daniela writes about herself:
I specialize in personal career counseling, having successfully worked in all facets of human resource development for decades.
My clients include German and foreign private individuals as well as internationally operating companies and research institutions.
I see my life’s work in accompanying people in their development towards their chosen goal.

I experience her as a self-confident lady, who has shared her views on modern professional life, the year 2020 and socially relevant topics with us. Enjoy our Christmas podcast!