Exhibition and vernissage

Two to nothing. Zero after two. 2020

Objèt trouvé and objective object. Skinning of a two-room apartment houses in different aggregate states.

Works by Regina Roskoden

Learn more about the artist and her works: www.regina-roskoden.de

Exhibition from 6.03.2020 to 21.03.2020

Vernissage on 06.03.2020
from 18.00 to 21.00 hours

Finissage on Sat, 21.03.2020
from 18.00 to 21.00 hours

Admission only with advance reservation.

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Parkstr. 11
12103 Berlin

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to the two-room apartment

Our grand opening of the Art2Go Exhibition with Regina Roskoden was a smash hit!

@nadjaraabe giving her speech at the opening of our Art2Go exhibition showcasing Regina Roskoden’s work.
Get in touch to view this exhibition, see our previous posts for details!

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#11 Sculptures, collages art & forgotten things from children's rooms I Regina Roskoden at Urban Art Kids

In the current 11th episode we are honoured to speak with the sculptor Regina Roskoden. Regina has been active in the Berlin art scene for over 50 years and was a master student of sculpture at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her artistic work focuses on sculptural houses, temples, towers and gates. In addition to tree slices from her own garden, she likes to incorporate old objects of daily use such as used up scent plates for mosquito protection or forgotten things from children’s rooms into her sculptures and collages. Of course we wanted to know exactly what things are left in the children’s rooms and from March 6th to 21st you can see Regina’s latest works in an exhibition called “Art2go” – Objèt trouvé und objektives Objekt at Parkstrasse 11 in Berlin.