Business Talk at the Ku’damm

findQ managing director Nadja Raabe in conversation with moderator Janine Mehner

Berlin meets Oslo – findQ + URBAN ART KIDS

Berlin meets Oslo - presentation and art with young people I Nadja Raabe in English at Urban Art Kids

German real estate resists international negative trend

Germany remains one of the key players in real estate transactions on the global commercial investment market. Knight Frank comes…


Corona is dominating the headlines right now which is diverting some attention from strong women at this moment. Is the comparison of the emergency situations during the global pandemic to the Second World War really justified?

Nadja Raabe covered these topics and other issues in this blog and podcast for posterity – ‘for another planet’. Get involved with exciting information and be a part of the observational journey!”
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Interview with Nadja Raabe

In the first episode, presenter Richard Edward Clark talks to the successful business woman Nadja Raabe.

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Today Astrid Bassler from Urban ArtKids is our guest

Art is as important as the air, we breathe and the bread, we eat. During these times, it shows even more so. Have an insight into an interesting female entrepeneurship concept and a gallery space, which is more then a gallery: Urban Art Kids.

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In her third podcast Nadja Raabe interviews Mary Bruder, the founder of BruderHilfe.

The BruderHilfe Organisation is a charity organisation based in Nigeria and Germany, dedicated to improving the health and education of children, men and women. Mary Bruder has already courageously launched this social development initiative in 2017, and has succeeded in effectively bringing these core values to her home country through several events and relief efforts.

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PODCAST THIS WEEK with fashion editor Serena Pompei

Fashion Editor and Stylist of (INDIE MAGAZINE) and Cofounder of TBC has given us an insight into the fashion world and shows us, that fashion is so much more: Taking frequently part in the now-a-days discussions about sustainibility, digitalisation and #metoo.

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Look forward to the content queen Fanny Zschau

In her fifth podcast Nadja invited Fanny Zschau over and SURPRISE ! we have two podcasts for you 😊

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This week there is a small Making-Of

In this podcast Nadja Raabe informs you about upcoming topics around the podcast and talks about the planned projects of findQ.

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Have a break: have a podcast moment!

Have a listen to our wonderful guest, who is originally from Panama, brings the sun into your heart, has built a virtue around LISTENING and invites you to share her perspective on things.

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Nici Brückner is a member of the Female Film Festival's design team, a director and filmmaker herself and has founded her own label: World Color Studio.

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Our guest this week is inspiring, courageous and motivating

It conveys courage, practical knowledge and an insight into how to live and breathe your own entrepreneurship as a woman. Her work is a continuous influence on small and larger start-ups founded by women.

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Fanny Zschau has given us the honor a second time

and we interview her this week in her mother tongue.

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This Sunday our guest, the wonderful singer Blanche Elliz

This heralds the second series of the season, in which other illustrious guests share their view of the world with us. Wonderful snapshots from the year 2020, exciting and inspiring.

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Dr. Julia Kropf ist universal, facettenreich und unglaublich lebendig.

Sie ist promivierte Soziologin, war bis 2015 in der Kommunikations- und Politikberatung bei ifok und ist seitdem als Moderatorin und Business Coach selbständig. Der Erfolg gibt ihr recht.

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