Seasonl 2 | EPISODE 2

Moderator – Business Consultant – Coach

Dr. Julia Kropf
Julia is universal, multi-faceted and incredibly lively – and she has already presented at heavyweight conferences, e.g. on the topics of digital transformation, working world 4.0, mobility, safety at work, but also diversity and equal pay. Her clients are some of the major players in our society, including federal ministries, associations, unions and foundations, but also companies.
In her moderations, she relies on the power of good conversation and the interplay of interest, listening and resonance. Her advice follows the motto “Opening up common thinking spaces”. Her coaching …. is all about analysis and a valuable bird’s eye view.

What moves her? Getting people talking. With professionalism, humor and passion.
I took the bird’s eye view with Dr. Julia Kropf on a Thursday in November 2020,
despite the pandemic and chaotic American elections.
Julia has a doctorate in sociology, worked in communications and political consulting at ifok until 2015, and has been self-employed as a moderator and business coach ever since. Her success proves her right.
Julia has now developed her own podcast format with the “Küchengespräche” and “Nachfragen” and is used to moderating herself. In my case she was in the unusual role of being interviewed herself once and that worked fantastically.
But listen for yourself.

PODCAST 17 - Tobias Rau


Tobias Rau

Season 2 | EPISODE 7

Hello dear podcast fans,

yes, you heard right: Our first guest in 2021 is a MAN: Tobias Rau as an extraordinary social entrepreneur, one of the VIVACONAGUA Co-founder is a guest in our podcast #foranotherplanet.

As a social entrepreneur, he and his team, have set an incredible example and shown that it is possible to be successful and at the same time give something back to the community:


My heart beats faster, when I speak about this project and not only because Tobi comes from my hometown Hamburg: The most beautiful city in the world! VIVACONAGUA has built something here that is unparalleled and this includes great supporters such as LEICA (https://www.artcreateswater.org), the club St.Pauli, Frank Otto, Felix Lobrecht, Joy Denalane and Max Herre, now also Hamburg.net and many more. Among other things, a 36-hour concert on INSTA was organized this year.

With their many events and their own gallery in the Millerntor (https://www.millerntorgallery.org), the concept Goldeimer (https://www.goldeimer.de) and and and …
Tobi, Caro and their team live and breathe social entrepreneurship.
Tobi Rau tells us from the beginnings, tells us about the first WATER projects of VIVACONAGUA, ups and downs of this year`s adventures, their motto ever since has stayed the same: WATER FOR ALL- ALL FOR WATER

Tobi talks very personally about his own masculinity and femininity = humanity and what the future brings for our favorite sparkling and flat drinking water: LOUD and SILENT.
We quietly say goodbye to the old year and quietly say “Servus”, before it goes into the gold bucket and we welcome the new year VERY LOUD ! with Tobi and his wonderful initiative!

We would like to invite you to support them with their concrete projects, which provide clean water all over the world: shout out DONATE and BUY here: https://shop.vivaconagua.org
we raffle 3 of the beautiful VIVACONAGUA Soulbottles for noble donors in January:
see our INSTAfeed about this. https://www.instagram.com/findq_berlin

PODCAST 18 - Gabriele Nagel and Cordula Giese


Gabriele Nagel, Cordula Giese

Season 2 | EPISODE 8

ABOUT Gabriele Nagel

Gabriele’s photographs are more still lifes, Large black photographs with reflections lie on the table. They form feathers, flames some candles, Gabriele’s photographs have the rare property of leaving traces. Like all traces, they are ephemeral.

Still. Past. Her video work in the theater as a set designer and in the use of her pedagogical activity is multi-layered and best to be seen on her website: https://www.gabrielenagel.de


ABOUT Cordula Giese
Cordula Giese, photographerMaster student of Arno Fischer at the Berlin School of Photography in Weissensee and of Prof. Werner Schmalriede, has several decades of photography behind her, architecture, politics, art and culture, in addition to a lot of reportage photography and exhibitions, among others at Künstlerhaus Bethanien 2008. For her, the focus is on people. She worked among others for the editorial office “Der Spiegel”, Hamburg, Federal Ministry of Defense, Berlin, “Die Zeit”, “Zeitmagazin”, Hamburg, she was allowed to photograph many famous politicians, including Angela Merkel and many more. Cordula Giese’s work is currently published by NEUSTART KULTUR as Motif for Berlin.de posters.

Two extraordinary artists and two extraordinary ladies were my guests… but listen for yourself!