Podcast 4

Serena Pompei

Fashion Editor and Stylist

Fashion Editor and Stylist of Indie-mag.com (INDIE MAGAZINE) and Cofounder of TBC has given us an insight into the fashion world and shows us, that fashion is so much more: Taking frequently part in the now-a-days discussions about sustainibility, digitalisation and #metoo. Fashion has become a statement, not only of style and life style, but of philosophy. Individualism, bodyshaming and bodypositivity, the gender discussion are only three issues out of a trillion interesting and controversial themes. Covid-19 situation seems to be like a magnifying glass. Topics like the issue 62 „your dreams and hopes will kill you“ and Kylie Jenner being the first woman on the FORBES list for billionaires have been controversially discussed by INDIE magazine and show a new self confidence in fashion, especially from independant labels, which is political, intellectual and fun. But here: Lend us your ear and get to know Serena for yourself…

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