Nadja Raabe

Managing director / founder of findQ UG

Nadja Raabe completed her acting and dance training in Hamburg and Munich. She has been dancing, choreographing, and teaching since the late eighties. Besides her own dance projects, she was a guest at the French Companie Trance Express (co-founder of the „Cirque Archaos“) and Jolanda Rodio in Switzerland. In Munich, she had her own dance company called “tandem”. She has performed in the USA, Canada, Italy, Austria, France, and Belgium. Nadja Raabe is a mother of two children and lives in Berlin. She has started as a freelance entrepreneur and founded in 2004, At home in Berlin in 2008, and later BerlinHomes. With the foundation of findQ she has arrived in the digital age: The digitalization around the theme “living” is her goal. Nadja Raabe is one of the founders of digital-diva-deluxe.

findQ Digital

All we need now is ONE platform: Not only Neuberliners and tourists but also native Berliners will find everything they need to know about real estate and housing via findQ – always in combination with socially relevant projects and interesting shops in the immediate vicinity. Our motto is, therefore: Find instead of search.

is a digital newspaper for the city – spotted by locals – soon you will find us in the form of a city map with all the quarters and properties offered in these districts. Use findQ to find out more about your neighborhood and where you would like to live. findQ = find instead of search. Another focus is on introducing socially responsible projects, culturally interesting events, and local companies that present the vibrancy of the district and the housing opportunities in the district. In 2020, the findQ digital platform goes online.

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is a team of experts who enable you to individually find, finance, and convert your future property. We work internationally and multilingually – from tiny house to condominium in the big city B = perhaps your dream of owning your own four walls will soon come true?

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You want to get more personal: Be part of the findQ community and we will invite you regularly to our events and seminars. We organize host parents in Berlin and coordinate the project

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What can we do? Give something back to Berlin!

We are part of the city – give something back to Berlin- we support our community with regulalry introducing social entrepeneurs and their stories in their neighbourhood and with numerous projects.

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